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Welcome to Sioux Falls Bitcoin, your go-to source for Bitcoin education and information in South Dakota. Our team has years of experience in the world of Bitcoin and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge with others.

Whether you’re a newcomer to Bitcoin or a seasoned expert, we’re here to help you explore the world of Bitcoin.

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What We Do


We provide Bitcoin education that focuses on the benefits of economic liberty and freedom that Bitcoin offers to society. Our easy-to-understand presentations cover what Bitcoin is, how it works, and why people should care about it. We are Bitcoin-only, explaining why other cryptocurrencies do not provide the liberty, freedom, and censorship-resistance that Bitcoin does. We focus our presentations on the potential of Bitcoin beyond its financial value. Our goal is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about using Bitcoin as a tool for freedom.


Our consulting services assist individuals and companies in utilizing Bitcoin, from using it for commerce to saving money in it, and preparing users for the future of finance. We provide guidance on how to effectively integrate Bitcoin into their financial strategies and help them navigate the complex landscape.


Monthly Meetup

Our regular meetup is at 6:30 PM on the 2nd Monday of the month at Remedy Brewing

Other Upcoming Events

Women In Blue Jeans Conference


Local Companies Accepting Bitcoin

Verity Networks – IT managed services provider (Sioux Falls, SD)

Beds by Design – Mattress company (Sioux Falls, SD & Fargo, ND)

KO Tallow Co. – Organic, grass-fed beef tallow balm (Sioux Falls, SD)

Gen III Capital – Bitcoin miner hosting facility (Harrisburg, SD)


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Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom

21 Days of Bitcoin (Intro Course)

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Bitcoin’s Energy Usage Isn’t a Problem. Here’s Why.

Quantifying the Impact of Mining on Emissions

The Beef Initiative

6 Reasons to Withdraw your Bitcoin from Exchanges

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